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Transformation and Protection Collection

Transformation and Protection Collection

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Transformation & Protection Collection

Tiny Broom is a symbol for clearing away the old and what’s no longer needed or part of us. Pointed up, it offers us protection. We can sweep it in the direction of our intentions to send out our clear message to Spirit.

Black Crystal Skull- Opens up our hearts to the ancestors' wisdom. It comes with 2 holes so you can add it to or make a necklace.

Black Onyx Pendulum. A tool for Yes or No answers from our highest source and offers us protection during our inquiry.

Silver Sun Disk Charm. Symbolizes unity with all there is and reminds us of the light within. Can be worn as a necklace, added to one or put on the altar.

2 Black candles. Light before any ceremony or meditation to receive guidance. Offers protection.

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