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Goddess Treasure Collection

Goddess Treasure Collection

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Goddess Treasure Collection — limited edition

Aventurine Faceted Bracelet

Aventurine is a stone that brings luck and prosperity to you. It supercharges your intentions for  cleansing and clearing, and balances energy. The beautiful green color is perfect for springtime.

Shungite Cell Phone Protector

Shungite is a protective shield-like stone. Simply attach this to your cell phone to guard against unwanted EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

Palo Santo Cleansing Wand

Palo Santo is a sacred tree from South America. It’s related to Frankincense and Copal. Known as “Holy Wood,” Shamans and healers burn it to purify the body and spirit. To use it, light the end until you see black smoke, and then blow it out to produce a white/gray smoke for cleansing your living space, preparing for meditation or doing your deep inner work. 

Tree of Life Pendant

This is a symbol for keeping yourself grounded and having all your chakras in balance. Wear it as a necklace or place it on your altar to bring a sense of centeredness and balance.

Hummingbird Sterling Silver Charm 

Hummingbirds represent joy and playfulness. Watch these tiny creatures return this spring when you put a feeder out for them. Add this sweet charm to a keychain or some place where you’ll see it often. Let it be your reminder to smile.

Green Altar Candles

Two small green candles to use on your altar or for your own special ceremony to welcome spring energy in.

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