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Goddess Love and Compassion Collection

Goddess Love and Compassion Collection

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Goddess Love and Compassion treasure collection

  1. Carved Rose Quartz flower - Rose quartz is the stone for love and emotional healing. This beautiful piece can make a nice addition to your altar or a centerpiece for grid making.
  2. Flower of life wooden grid board - This is perfect for creating crystal grids of any kind or use as a platform for charging and displaying your favorite pieces.
  3. Sterling silver frog on a heart charm - Frogs represent the element of water and healing in general.
  4. Six Rose quartz tumbles - These tumbles can be used for so many things such as in a grid, placed in water for gem elixirs, carried in pockets or placed in the soothing bath.
  5. Rose quartz bracelet - Infuse this lovely with your heartfelt intentions and give it to someone you care about or simply wear it yourself.
  6. Handmade herbal tea lite candle. - This sweet candle is gently fragranced and carries the message of love.

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